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Should you buy the Mac Mini in 2019?

Featured Product: Mac Mini 2014, 4GB, 500GB HD.

If you really want (or need) to run macOS, for school or work, you may find yourself trying to build a Hackintosh, but finding it just to be too complicated. If this is the case, should you opt for the cheapest Mac you could find, or go for something more expensive?

Mac Mini 2014

The Mac Mini 2014, can stand to basic tasks, like web browsing, and running apps. It runs the latest 10.14 Mojave macOS and is rumoured to be able to run later versions as well.

Running slightly powerful apps, like GarageBand, will make the system run notably slower, so video editing and GarageBand is not recommended.

Overall, the computer is not that bad if you are just looking for a cheap computer, to run basic programs on macOS. Though if you want something more permanent, I recommend you go for a slightly more expensive iMac, or if you have an even bigger budget, go for the Mac Pro.

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