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Should you get the iPhone 7 Plus – in 2019?

The iPhone 7 Plus was released in 2016, and had lots of great new features, that the standard iPhone 7 didn’t have.

So in 2019, should you buy the iPhone 7 Plus, or buy a newer version?

iPhone 7 Plus – Black

For such a good phone, you can get it second hand with minor scratches for less than £250. Up against today’s Apple’s smartphones, this is a relatively cheap phone. Using the iPhone 7 Plus is quite a present experience, due to it being quite a fast phone. Doing basic tasks, and sliding through the home screen is very smooth and quick.

Image result for iphone 7 plus dual lens

The dual lens camera portrays high quality images and can zoom up to 10x with the second lens. Also, this phone has Apple’s Portrait Mode, which is great for taking astonishing selfies and still photos.

Overall, this phone is most definitely worth it in 2019, and I do suggest you should upgrade to it. You can also buy it new on Apple.com from £570, but I recommend getting one second hand of eBay.

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